Neopay became an official provider of BLIK payment services

We are excited to announce that Neopay is now an official provider of BLIK payment services!

Access to BLIK, one of the most popular payment methods in Poland, is one more way we can enable your business to reach as wide a group of customers as possible with a full range of payment options.

This integration is an important milestone for us as we continue to expand our offerings and deliver cutting-edge solutions for our clients’ valued customers in Poland.

By integrating BLIK, Neopay is enabling users to enjoy the benefits of instant payments, enhanced security features, and convenient management of transactions via a single, user-friendly interface. Whether it's making online purchases, paying for goods and services in physical stores, or transferring funds between accounts, BLIK streamlines the entire process, making it easier than ever before.

We believe that embracing this Polish mobile payment system perfectly with Neopay's mission of driving financial innovation and simplifying the way people interact with money. Neopay is committed to continuously enhancing our product offerings to meet the evolving needs of our clients and their customers. The integration of BLIK is a testament to that commitment.

BLIK enriches customers’ experience and enables your business to grow in the Polish market. This innovative financial solution strengthens Neopay’s position as a leading payment provider in Poland.

Interested in integrating BLIK services? Contact us to learn more about the benefits of this service for your e-business.