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Our solutions

Payment initiation

Bypass multiple fee-charging parties in the EU to reduce transactional costs on payment processing with our secure open banking payment initiation service (PIS).

Active payment link

Get paid instantly by creating a payment page and sharing a link or QR code with your customers via email, sms, messenger or chatbot.

Automated Refunds

Simplify your refund process by automatically repaying a chosen customer or group of customers for recent purchases.

Card payments

Allow your customers to pay the way they want by accepting international credit card payments. Make it even more convenient with one-click or recurring payment options.

Recurring payments

Manage recuring payments and subscriptions to bill your customers automatically and let them pay the way they prefer: via a chosen bank account or by credit card.

One-click payments

Make it easy to buy fast on your e-shop by letting customers save information and skip windows with one-click login and one-click checkout options.

Financing solutions

Enable your customers buy what they want today with ease by allowing them to pay for the purchase over time in 3 instalments with no interest or apply for a loan right on your e-shop.

Account information

Access account information and verify your online buyers from online payment accounts by enabling our account information service (AIS).

Why choose Neopay?

Reduce your costs

Instant account-to-account payments can yield 10x lower fees for payment collection on your online store. Commission fee from 0.045 euro cents per transaction.

Simplify payment processes

Customize a set of payment solutions for your business’s needs: automate refunds, payouts and bulk payments, initiate recurring payments, and send QR codes or active payment links to collect money faster.

Increase sales

Reach a more diverse set of customers in the EU with Neopay’s localized online and offline payment options and features which local customers love.

Deliver a localized payment experience across Europe

in Lithuania
: 18
in Latvia
: 12
in Estonia
: 10
in Poland
: 14
in the Netherlands
: 12
in Finland
: 12
in Sweden
: 7
in Denmark
: 1
in Norway
: 5
in Greece
: 6
in Romania
: 11
in Spain
: 62
in Bulgaria
: 6
in Croatia
: 4
in Slovakia
: 5

Neopay Open Banking is already available in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Croatia. Join us and enter more new countries.

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