Automated refunds – a simplified customer refund service

Refunds are a frustrating process not only for customers but also for e-businesses. Without an effective system for this service, consumers often spend long periods of time looking for information on how to return goods or complaining about the length of time it takes to get their money back. This is often the case when an e-shop handles returns manually, which wastes a lot of time and money – checking returned goods, assigning staff to administer and repack them. E-businesses are expected to grow in the future, and the number of returns is expected to increase at the same time. So it's worth thinking now about a process that saves time and money and improves the customer experience – automated refunds.

Automated refunds – an automated, time-saving refund process that ensures smoothness, efficiency and satisfied customers. In the case of automated refunds, the e-shop can process all the refunds accumulated over a certain period of time at the touch of a few buttons.

Why automate manual refunds?

• Customers get their payments back much faster. Simplify and speed up the process of refunding a customer at the click of a few buttons, either in Neopay self-service or on your system.

• Less work for both customers and staff. E-stores will be able to make all the refunds that have accumulated, for example, over the course of a day, at the touch of a few buttons. If 100 refunds are received per day, the efficiency and time savings would be 100 times higher than manual refunds. Staff who used to do manual refunds will have more time to do other important tasks.

• Fewer mistakes. You will significantly reduce the number of errors. Automating refunds will eliminate the need to manually collect customer information, keep records, create lists, connect to the bank and create individual payment orders.

• Flexibility in how repayments to customers will be made. Individual or bulk refunds are available, and full or partial refunds are possible. Automatic refund works on an instant SEPA payment basis.

With more and more processes being automated in the market, the popularity and demand for automated refunds functionality is growing as businesses, following the global e-commerce trends, are looking for ways to optimise their operations and processes, increase process efficiency and profitability. In order to optimise work, time and money, it is definitely worth considering automated refunds for your e-business.

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