An active payment link is one of the most effective ways to keep customers coming back

The challenge for every e-business is to optimise the e-shop so that customers not only spend more time there, but more importantly, would purchase the product or service. However, in many cases, shoppers don't buy immediately, even when they find something they like or need - they think about it, postpone it until later or forget about it. Worst of all, if the items in the basket are not retained, the person is unlikely to want to waste their time looking for the same product again, and the customer is likely to be lost. To prevent this from happening, e-businesses should take advantage of an increasingly popular service - the active payment link.

An active payment link is a unique link integrated in emails, text messages or even in physical locations, which, when clicked, redirects the customer to a payment page where they can complete the purchase process by initiating payment in the most convenient way.

How can an active payment link help increase sales?

• You won't let go of customers who might not have come back. Nowadays, speed and comfort are among the most important aspects for consumers. So if a customer has filled his shopping cart and hasn't made a purchase right away, but decides to do it later, make sure they can do it quickly, without having to fill in their shopping cart again. By sending them an email reminder about the pending purchase, you will add an active payment link that the customer can click on to complete the purchase immediately. This is also very effective for customers who may have wanted to buy but forgot all about the goods they had chosen. Give your customers the feeling that you genuinely care about making their shopping experience as good as possible.

• By promoting your products, you will give people the opportunity to buy immediately. Do you send newsletters about your products? Yes, a customer may visit your shop to find a product, but placing an active payment link directly in the newsletter can significantly increase sales, as the customer doesn't have to go anywhere - they just have to click on the active payment link in the newsletter.

• Move late payments. If an e-business provides services or goods that can be paid for later, in instalments or on a subscription basis, there are times when customers pay late. Even text messages or emails reminding you of this don't always work - the customer reads and forgets about them. An active payment link can solve this problem, as the customer is no longer likely to delay payment when they can do it with one click.

• You will find it easier to interest customers in your other activities. Recently, more and more companies are taking part in corporate social responsibility initiatives, collecting donations or making their own contributions to voluntary organisations. Getting the customer to contribute is not always easy, especially if the donation process is uncomfortable and time-consuming. For example, creating a QR code with an active payment link that will instantly direct you to make a payment makes it more likely that you will raise more funds and do it faster. Best of all, this can be done not only in the e-space but also in physical locations, by sticking a QR code sticker next to the cash register.

The Active payment link is a completely secure way to pay - modern payment systems implement multi-layered security measures to protect the financial data of businesses and their customers. Therefore, in order to keep your customers from leaving your e-shop so easily and to improve their shopping experience, it would be really useful to integrate an active payment link in your e-business. It is a win-win service - customers will feel more valued because of the ease of the shopping process, they will be satisfied with the convenience of the service, which will further strengthen their trust and loyalty to the brand, and of course, the benefit to the business is satisfied, returning customers and the resulting increase in sales.

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