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While we still await a bit more warmth this spring, there’s already much joy in the air over nature’s reawakening and the lengthening days, along with desire for renewal. This time we’re sharing insights on technological renewal – i.e., upgrades. We’re thrilled that digital shopping is becoming a regular and natural experience for consumers in many industries. We’re seeing a strong focus on technology upgrades to ensure people experience buying online as convenient and to personalise every purchase. That's why this month we made these upgrades: • In the Neopay payment widget, we enabled clients to show banks’ logos in the bank list window. • On the self-service portal, we combined the “Failed” and “Rejected” statuses into one – “Rejected”. Until now, these statuses were technologically portrayed as separate, but in the overall context they mean the same thing – an error on the bank’s side, whether due to a failed payment or to one or more problems at the bank related to the payer’s account. • We added a widget for displaying bank errors in the Neopay payment widget. From now on, payers will see more detailed bank errors after a failed payment, like the bank’s internal server error, the lack of a response from the bank, etc.

As the customer journey improves, businesses are giving more and more attention to lengthy payment processes and high transaction fees, and so are increasingly seeking more efficient solutions that also ease the transaction-fee burden.
The trend is towards growing use of advanced payment technologies in e-commerce. More e-tailers are choosing the payment initiation service (PIS), not just in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland, but also in other European and Nordic countries. We’re enhancing Neopay’s technology and the services we provide in line with the trends: • You can now use the Demo Widget with a variety of currencies, like zlotys for the Polish market, lei for the Romanian market, and so on. To take advantage of this possibility and get a link to the Widget project, please contact your personal manager or send an email to xxx. • We’ve improved the automated registration process for new Neopay business clients. We now provide integration instructions in additional languages: Latvian, Estonian and Polish. From now on, businesses that want to integrate Neopay’s payment initiation service into their e-commerce activities will be able to do so more easily and smoothly in their native language.

We’re glad that this month was relatively calm, with no major system disruptions among financial institutions (banks). Our wishes for you in this spring season are that you feel inspired, have peaceful thoughts, and see your sales continually grow.

Tolmantas Dagys, Product Owner, Neopay

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